Offline management mode

“Team building、Group for the car”The management mode、“City shop、Small big stores”Business layout,Eventually form“Thousands of thousands stores”National league for small and medium-sized distributors。

Online management mode

By“Business car service”To build online collection、Custom services、After-sales service020Auto service ecosystem,Will be offline all stores for unified management,Together、All the big data analysis,Form completeO2OA closed-loop management。

New retail channels innovation enterprise

The shopkeeper→The hong merchants→Straight”Partner program,Thousands of thousands storesTake the lead in standard industry,Enhance service experienceThe creation of independent brands,Realize consumption upgrading
  • The bank of China
  • The industrial and commercial bank of China
  • Guangdong development bank
  • Agricultural bank of China
  • China merchants bank
  • The Chinese insurer
  • Mr Anwar insurance
  • Tianan insurance
  • Yongcheng insurance
  • Balance the insurance
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